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Pay Back on Wood Pellet Applications Is 1 to 3 Years
Date: 21. 04.08
Contact Person : Mark Mathis, President and CEO, 970-724-9839

KREMMLING, COLORADO, April 21st, 2008:  With rising natural gas prices nearing $12 per decatherm, the ROI on implementing wood pellet appliances is now between 1 and 3 years. It makes the conversion to this renewable biomass form of energy more economical than ever. 

The return on investment on new construction is less than 1 year.  Pellet fuel is very clean burning and carbon neutral. The systems are self feeding, self cleaning and incredibly efficient; and pellets can be delivered in bulk, very similar to getting deliveries of propane of fuel oil.   The use of each ton of wood pellets can reduce CO2 emissions by 2.2 ton.


Confluence Energy will be providing large scale pellet burning appliances for commercial and industrial applications. Wood pellets are used for space heating as well as process heat applications. Confluence Energy is the largest single wood pellet manufacturing facility west of the Mississippi, with enough production capacity for hundreds of large scale production facilities.
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